The future is (almost) here.

A creative village 10 years in the making.
And we’re still going. A glimpse of what’s on our horizon…

Modern, experimental and cultural performances channel the island’s energy as the sun or moon come into view.

Sunset Park
A front-row seat to digital art installations, sustainable sculptures and Bali’s blissed-out sunsets.

Intelligent reads, obscure records and the space to enjoy both with a coffee or cocktail in hand.

Quelle Fête XXL
Rotganzen’s ode to the nights that blend into one glittering, amorphous disco ball. Where time doesn’t touch it, one party’s end is another’s beginning.

Klymax Discotheque
DJ Harvey’s home of hi-fidelity sounds. Late night discotheque by weekend, audiophile listening sessions and sound healing on occasion.

Music Studio
Record, mix and master with the team from Studio Eksotika. A professional recording setup for music industry legends and those in the making.

Wild Life Archive
Posters, books and late-night ephemera tracing the history of techno, disco, acid house and beyond, curated by Steve Terry.

Sustainism Kids
The generation we inspire today will build tomorrow. Kids can play with recycled materials and learn in workshops designed for their young minds.