Progressive design. Future living.

Potato Head Studios are the cultural heartbeat of our village. Sleep in one of 168 rooms, immerse yourself in art, dance your ass off at night and wake up to a revitalising djamu. The building is an oceanfront hub of activity, a radical playground designed to let imagination lead.

The Same Good Times, a Few New Tricks

Welcome back.
In our downtime, we designed a host of new measures to keep everyone at Potato Head safe, happy and comfortable.
So, relax and enjoy the island, potato heads – we’ve got your back.

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Zero-Waste Kit

A water bottle, RPET tote bag, bamboo cutlery and straws, organic cotton pouch, ointment pots and a lunchbox.

Refillable Essentials

All-natural sunscreen, after-sun care, hand sanitiser and insect repellent.

In-Room Bar

A built-in ice well, custom cocktail tools, house-infused spirits, natural syrups, aromatic bitters, fresh fruit, and a recipe book from award-winning mixologist Dre Masso.

Natural Soaps

Shampoo, conditioner, body wash, bar soap and bath salts from Bali’s all-natural fragrance house, Sensatia Botanicals.


A ceramic base handmade in Ubud by Gaya Ceramic and Design with a reed diffuser and custom Bali-inspired scent by Japanese brand retaW.

Bio Slippers

Fully biodegradable slippers made from coconut husks, woven palm leaves, fabric offcuts and pond reeds.

Cotton Robe

A cotton robe designed by Studio Toogood.

Max Lamb Furnishings

A recycled-plastic desk chair and accessories, volcanic glassware, volcanic ceramics, patio furniture, floor lamps with an ijuk shade, and a bamboo chair all by the forward-thinking designer.

Circular Basketry

Bins, baskets and trays made by our R&D team at Sustainism Lab using recycled styrofoam, plastic bottles and caps, and food waste such as oyster and clam shells.

New Editions

A selection of beautifully bound books focused on art, design and sustainability.