Happenings of an ethereal nature.

Potato Head and Trippin World present Via Morning Ritual: live sessions that explore the creative process from wake to make. Improvised, meditative, beaming out from various home locations across the world. New episodes every Sunday morning (8am GMT +8) on our IGTV and on demand below. 

Via Morning Ritual: Laraaji

American musician Laraaji is one of New-Age’s most distinctive, prolific, and charismatic artists.

Discovered by Brian Eno in the late ‘70s whilst playing music on the streets of NYC; Laraaji has since become something of an Ambient icon.

Laraaji invites us into his Harlem home, as he glides into the creative process, by way of an improvised & uplifting morning session.

Enjoy a meditative soundscape of electronically altered zither, and a healthy dose of laughter.

Via Morning Ritual: Ariel Kalma

French composer Ariel Kalmaʼs evolutionary music has spanned multiple decades of space, and spiritual invention.

The musicianʼs migrations have been influenced by rhythms, melodies and grooves from various cultures, ambient atmospheres, modal music, native instruments, and nature. Kalma’s music is a synthesis of East and West. Evoking the ambience, sonically and spiritually, of the environment in which they were created. An ongoing commitment to the exploration into transience / transcendence and to the possibilities of human and environmental connection.

Kalma transports us to his Byron Shire home, deep within the north-east Australian coastline, by way of a gently sweeping electronic composition, that he has entitled ʼMeditation in the Forestʼ.

Via Morning Ritual: John Carroll Kirby

Los Angeles producer, pianist and composer John Carroll Kirby, a collaborator of Solange and Frank Ocean, sinks back into spare soul-jazz and meditative new age tones. Providing us with a deep and easy listening session to usher in the day.

Kirby welcomes us into his ritualistic morning jam with the birds, and shares stripped-back versions of two beautifully twisting tracks from his latest album ‘My Garden’.

“The first, ’Son Of Pucabufeo’, is about a magical, pink, fresh-water Amazonian dolphin. The second, ‘San Nicholas Island’, recalls the story of a woman who lived alone on an island for 30-years”, Kirby tells us.

Via Morning Ritual: Nyx

Named after the omnipotent Goddess of Night, NYX (pronounced “nicks”) is a collaborative electronic drone choir, and otherworldly electronic chorus, re-embodying live electronics and extended vocal techniques.

NYX test the limits of organic and synthetic modulation of ordinary singing techniques, in order to explore the entire spectrum of collective female voice as an instrument.
We join NYX’s music director & composer Sian O’Gorman, amongst her beautiful Norfolk garden (just outside Norwich in the East of England) for a sweeping sonic landscape of vocal loops and manipulated organic textures in this stunning morning ritual.

Via Morning Ritual: Wahono

Wahono is an artist from Jakarta, Indonesia whose practice involves physical and non-physical audiovisual forms.

Founding member & Creative Director of DIVISI62, a sound and visual arts label that explores identity issues, Indonesian history and the cross-pollination of world heritage. Wahono actively performs and produces music with the group Uwalmassa.

We join Wahono in his Jakartan home-studio, as he ushers in the new day by way of a multi-layered ritual, riding-out the dark before dawn.