Join Dani and his team of Balinese surf guides for a morning catching waves.

Since the first trickle of foreign surfers arrived in Bali in the late ‘60s, the island’s surf culture has transformed, building up a devoted local surf community and an international reputation for its warm waters and year-round swell.

From the dozens of south-coast surf spots, our Canggu-based guide Dani knows where to find the best breaks any time of year. Take advantage of his local know-how and take in Bali’s world-renowned surf scene on a customised surf day. Just ask in advance if you’d like to explore outside Canggu, from more secluded surf sites like Kedungu in Tabanan (Dani’s favourite), to cliff-lined coves in Uluwatu.

The Experience

If you’re a beginner, you’ll start on the sand with demonstrations of body positioning on the board, paddling, and taking off on a wave (jumping up). Next, you’ll head into the water where the guys will guide you into position and help you ride the first wave of the day. Between breakers, Dani will feed you with tips, including how to balance, where to look, leg positioning and how to fall off safely.

Whether in Canggu or further afield in more challenging waters, a day with Dani is a great way to experience the surf lifestyle here, and you’re free to surf and take in the scenery as long as you like.

The Details


3 – 4 hours


Transport, English speaking surf guide, board hire, rashie, water


Sunscreen, swimwear




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“Welcome to the ground zero of Bali surfing and Canggu’s most frequented beach. Batu Bolong has it all: great surf, chilled hangouts, a convenient location, family friendliness, and glorious sunsets”