Restore lost energy or revive a troubled mind at Sebatu’s magic springs.

Sebatu village, around 15 kilometers north of Ubud, is home to one of the island’s most powerful springs. The Balinese come from across the island to bathe in its sacred waters and perform ‘melukat,’ a traditional water purification ceremony intended to rid the mind and body of negative influences. ‘Lukat’ means ‘letting go’ and as such stress and sin, whether from this life or past ones, are said to melt away following the rite.

The Experience

Restore lost energy or revive a troubled mind at Sebatu’s magic springs where our local guides, Stone and Made, will accompany you for an authentic Balinese cleansing ritual.

First, they’ll take you on an hour-long walk through the village’s patchwork of rice fields. You’ll be able to watch the farmers at work, learn about the small shrines that border each paddy, and see native fruit trees, including cacao, passion fruit, guava, jackfruit and banana, along the way.

Next, you’ll continue down around 150 steps to Sebatu’s hidden springs, situated at the bottom of a rocky river gorge. With a quietened mind, our guides will lead you through a traditional prayer and melukat ceremony in the sacred pools. Carrying kewangan(cone-shaped offerings), you’ll dip into the waist-high water, place your gift of flowers in the rockface, and walk under the waterfall to let the cleansing flow do its job.

After a quick change and dry off, you’ll head up to Sebatu warung for a simple Balinese lunch in their garden terrace overlooking the ravine.

The Details


7 hours


English speaking guide, sarongs, flower offerings, water, Indonesian lunch


Change of clothes, old trainers for trekking, sunscreen, hat


Central Bali


[email protected]

“As we descend further we reach the shrine and the rushing waters that run through the complex of this very holy cleansing temple at Sebatu. Hidden away to the northwest from the other bigger temple complexes, this holy spring seems to be an almost secret place, a place you would never find without a well informed guide or priest to take you there.”

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