Venue: Potato Head Hong Kong
Date: Every Wednesday and Thursday
Ticket: [link]

A shared meal is the best meal. Here at Potato Head, we believe in the power that food has to bring people together. Therefore, we are very excited to add Megibung, the traditional Balinese sharing platter to our menu, available for dinner every Wednesday and Thursday.

Megibung, which literally means “eat together”, is an activity where people sit together and share the food on a big plate or off of a big piece of banana leaf on special occasions. It is the true embodiment of the spirit of togetherness in Balinese life with over 400 years of history.

Our Megibung edition features traditional Balinese dishes including babi guling, sate lilit, bebek goreng, grilled octopus satay and a variety of vegetables served with pairing homemade sambal. A perfect feast to share for 4 people.

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